I’m a designer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ph.D. student, and over 15 years of experience.
My research focuses on making cities smarter and more citizen-centric by integrating user research.
I have worked within various environments including large corporations, startups and as a consultant. The areas I have covered are: graphic design, interactive interface, and user research.
My areas of interest are citizen participation, service design, social innovation, co-creation, mixed methods research, data triangulation, in smart cities mobility.
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2020-2023 - Ph.D. degree
Department of Arts & Design
Title: The citizen-centered design in Smart Cities
2015 - UX Certification 
Nielsen Norman Group
Sydney, Austrália
Course: Mobile User Experience, Scaling User Interfaces, The Human Mind and Usability, Top Web UX Design Guidelines, and UX Basic Training
2012-2014 - Master’s degree
Esdi (Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial)
Uerj (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)
Title: News design for tablet and the designer‘s role
2009 - Postgraduate
Elisava - Universidad Pompeu Fabra
Barcelona, Spain 
Course: Graphic Design Management 
2003-2007 - Bachelor’s degree
EBA (Escola de Belas Artes)
UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
Course: Graphic Design
2018 - Principal Researcher
Company: ViiSolutions
ViiSolutions is a startup of technological solutions for inclusion and accessibility for users with disabilities. We believe that technological research can make the city more human, smart and accessible.

We are participating of FAPESP’s Innovative Research in Small Businesses program (PIPE in the Portuguese acronym), where I am the principal company researcher.

During this time I did The 5th PIPE–High–Tech Entrepreneurial Training. The program is based on the Customer Discovery methodology, which is an iterative process of getting out of the office/lab, going to the market to interview potential customers, partners, and competitors, to understand their needs, problems, and difficulties.
2017 - Senior UX Designer
Company: MJV Technology and Innovation
My role is on-site at Bradesco Seguros, one of the largest insurance companies in Latin America. Incorporating agile methodology and design thinking, my main responsibility is to focus on the users specifications alongside the developers and other key stakeholders. I am accountable for:
- Wireframing;
- Prototyping;
- User testing;
- Tracking Google Analytics;
- Designing the user interface. 

I took on Product Ownership duties during my time at Bradesco where I was responsible for leading the team to deliver an exceptional product focusing on user needs and business goals. 
My tasks involved:
- Prioritizing backlog;
- Effectively managing the team and stakeholders; 
- Specifying new features whilst keeping within the project scope.
2016 - Professor
Company: Infnet
I taught the web design module for the graphic design undergraduate course. The classes I ran were on Web Usability and UX and Digital Marketing.
The topics that I covered in Web Usability were: 
- User tests
- Heuristics
- Accessibility 
- Responsive design

And in Digital Marketing I talked about: 
- AdWords
- SEO 
- Google Analytics 
- Social Media
- Inbound market
- Metrics
2015 - present - Designer freelance
I have been working as a freelance designer, developing projects such as:
- Websites;
- Infographics; 
- Usability analysis; 
- E-books; 
- Magazines.

I have worked together with many companies such as:
Fiocruz, International Labour Organization, Coca-Cola, The Intercept, Instituto Moreira Sales, SulAmerica, among others. 
Company: Infoglobo
2011- 2015 - Interaction Designer
I worked as the interaction designer for O Globo, the leading newspaper in Brazil, where I was responsible for the overall design of the digital magazine of the company. I was part of the team responsible for the launch of the magazine which has allowed me to participate on the various phases of its development and has presented me with numerous challenges in diverse areas. Throughout my time with the company, I have had various responsibilities-from creating workflows and graphic design to adopting media standards and interactive infographics.
2006-2011 - Desktop Publisher
Designer for O Globo, working with newspaper's layout to the printed edition
2015-2016 - Cisco Urban Innovation Challenge
Project: Viibus
Smart bus station to blind users
2015 - Ibero-American Citizen Innovation Lab
Project: VirtualCiudad
Project about data visualization in virtual reality
2015 - Instituto Moreira Sales 
E-book: “Cartas do Pai”
Interactive project for digital version (epub3) of “Cartas do Pai” book.
2014 - Microsoft Research Design Expo 
Project: Platform
Interactive signaling and information system to subway stations 
2013 - 2014 - O Globo
Project: E-books O Globo
Graphic design, desktop publishing and development to  “Maracanã”, “Entreouvido por aí” and “Educação 360“ e-books.
2014 - Intrínseca
E-book: “A Ditadura Escancarada”
Interactive map to e-book “A Ditadura Escancarada” from jornalist Elio Gaspari
2012 - Coca-Cola
Project: Desktop publishing and graphic design to newsletter circulated in “Manufacturers Convention Coca-Cola Brasil”
2014 - Microsoft Design Expo
Category: Best Overall
Project: Platform
2013 - Apple 
Category: Best local legacy.
Project: E-book “Maracanã” 
2012 - SND (Society of News Design) 34
Category: Olympic’s Portfolio - Tablet. 
Award of Excellence
Project: Olympic’s special issue from “O Globo a Mais”
2012 - Esso de Jornalismo
Category: Best contribution to the press
Project: O Globo a Mais digital magazine