The idea is to use the yellow line as the main element of an interactive system. This system identifies and understands the different flows of subway activity.It will be composed of: a GPS to show where the train is and how long it will take to arrive; presence sensors located at the doors able to read how many passengers are coming in or out of the cars, making it possible to know which cars are more or less crowded; pressure sensors in order to identifies if any passenger stepped on it unintentionally
Our research began going to bus and subway stations and observing the user’s behavior. The context we had available to work with was Rio de Janeiro subway, which has few lines and predictable peak hours
We started doing sketches to register the situation problems, and we started to imagine different interaction solutions such as: moving information along the line and ways of controlling its flux
Considering the legibility requirements of our context, we chose to use basic high contrast graphics. Our main inspiration was indigenous artwork, with its use of simple elements like arrows, crosses and anthropomorphic figures
We’ve tried a lot of representations until we reached a desired shape for each function. We started drawing abstract shapes, like crosses, cubes and lines 
After the first solutions, we took these drawings out to the streets to observe the user reactions. Then we went to the exit of a subway station and interviewed 25 users, showing them a prototype made out of fabric
We’ve tested the proportions between the line, written words and graphics. We asked some questions like which letter size was more legible, what kind of contents they would like to see on the line. We’ve had some interesting inputs from their answers that have oriented our final design decisions
In short
Platform is a system designed to happen in a public space: 
• It provides real time information of the whole subway activity; 
• It makes use of existing neglected areas in a world already saturated;
• It educates people to behave better collectively; 
• It fills with new useful experiences the otherwise boring waiting time
Design project - ESDI - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
By Nikita Vidal, Raquel Cordeiro, Clara Juliano
Music from : Moreno +2 (Domenico, Kassin e Moreno)

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